We have done a mix for Clash.  1st 30 mins is Rich, 2nd half is Jake.  Left-click on pic to stream, Right-click ‘save as’ to download. Or goto the Clash site – HERE

TOOB - free music


London based Jakeone and Rich Thair have been making music together for over ten years, releasing a host of acclaimed EPs and two albums in that time.  Played by the likes of Laurent Garnier, Rolando and Andrew Weatherall from fabric to Berghain, their off kilter techno takes in afrobeat, dub and reggae influences and the new release, Chop House Vol. 1, is no different except for one fact – it’s being given away for FREE.  To have a copy for yourself, just head here.

[There is also a mix of ours on the Pulse site here –]



Toob “Chop House”

London-based duo Toob is embarking on a series of free digital releases, collectively titledChop House. Although free releases are often the territory of relatively new acts, Toobs has actually been making music since the mid-2000’s. The titular “Chop House” is taken from the series’ first chapter, and it’s a relatively short piece of percussive techno with a dark, albeit high-energy, feel. If the track piques your interest, the entire three-song Chop House Volume 1 can be downloaded here.

First in a series of free digital EPs from Toob. Heard over the last few weeks in nightclubs from Fabric to Berghain and on the airwaves across Europe and the t’interweb.

The tracks have been lovingly mixed + mastered at Musicland Studios, London.  If you like, all we ask is you spread the word.  If your feeling soopa-proactive you could always hassle a local promoter type to get us to come and play some tunes.  We’re pretty good at it.

These are 320kb [VBR] MP3s. If you would like a link for a 24 bit WAV email us – info [@]